What makes our clearance dried flower and pampas grass appealing to purchase?

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We take a lot of time and pride to sift through our shipments of dried flowers and pampas when we receive them. Every arrangement and piece is hand-tied, arranged or picked by our Luxe B team after we receive our crops from our farmers. When components don't meet our high standards, we put them in the clearance section. Whether the item has a slight imperfection or may be dryer than our regular stock, you will find these pieces in the clearance section. Our clearance section is filled with beautiful pieces perfect for people looking to DIY arrangements for one-day use. Many florists purchase from this section as they can take our pieces and incorporate them with other flowers. Our clearance section is a great place to find articles for your wedding day, bridal shower, baby shower or special event.

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They are ideal for this purpose because they may not be perfect like the ones we would sell for display in your home year-round. They have slight imperfections that look perfect in arrangements but to have them displayed in your home for an extended period wouldn't be ideal as our clearance pieces tend to be dryer which means they will shed more. They will be smaller and less full than our regular stock arrangements. They may have minor natural imperfections such as holes or tears. If you would like to buy many dried flowers and pampas for your special event, we encourage you to sign up for emails, as you will be informed when the sales happen. We also host clearance events in our warehouse in Leduc, Alberta, every 3-6 months. It's a great way to meet us in person and get tips and tricks about utilizing these pieces for your event. Stay tuned via our social media platforms. We are always happy to put you in the right direction for what will work for your special day!

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We always suggest taking time and care when handling any of our pieces. Sharp scissors and garden shears will be your best friend. We always recommend cutting little bits at a time, standing back and looking at how they sit in your vase. A beautiful vessel is always a great place to start, and knowing the colour theme you want! Our natural and bleach-white pieces can be blended into almost every flower colour. Also, we carry many stunning vases in our decor section. From bud vases to larger vases!

Top five pieces for arrangement and building arrangements:

1) Any of our preserved type 10 pampas. These drooping plumes look like feathers and can be styled alone as a tabletop arrangement or incorporated with many dried flowers or flowers. You will see that this style of pampas is the base for many of our smaller arrangements.

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2)Any of our bleach-white or natural dried flowers. These pieces will be white, cream, green, brown, and taupe in colouring and can blend into most arrangements. Our starflower blossoms, bunny tails and dainty dried flowers are great for this.

 Large UVA pampas grass clearance

3)Our larger UVA pampas, showcased by Alyce above. These pampas are great for lining by the wedding altar, lining the wedding aisle or staged as a photo wall for any special event.

4 foot pampas grass luxe b pampas grass
4)Any 4-foot pampas such as Type 1 or Type 8, showcased by Alyce above. These pampas are usually under 4 feet high and look great designed into a floor or large tabletop arrangement.

natural dried palm leaves perfect for weddings or special events 

5) We have yet to mention palm leaves! Palm leaves make an excellent foundation for any arrangement. We love seeing them as an added element in bridal bouquets! They look lovely mixed with dried flowers and pampas in any tabletop arrangement and will only overpower your designs! 

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As always, we encourage having fun! Be creative! The sense of having a hand in creating a particular piece for your special day, you will look back on photos for years to come with great pride.

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