What fun was had YEG! Thank you for coming to our clearance event!




Thank you to all our amazing Alberta customers who drove to our warehouse for our Luxe B Clearance event on Saturday! We are so thankful for the support, our team had an absolute blast! It makes all our hard work behind the scenes worth it. It means a lot to open our doors to meet you all. We met so many people who were getting married, event planners, stagers, real estate agents, business owners, and people who love to decorate and have a flair for design! We hope everyone walked away with something they loved. We got a lot of wonderful feedback and suggestions. We plan on having our next sale come May. We are hoping warmer weather will allow us to enjoy some of the events outside in the sunshine! What makes our clearance events so great? This is a great opportunity for anyone planning a special event such as a party, wedding, baby shower, etc, to buy some of our amazing decor items at a discounted price. This also allows you to come in to look, play and feel our product before you purchase it.



It allows everyone to use their creative energy to make their pieces for their homes or special event. It also allows you to talk to us before making your purchases. We are always open to giving our opinion and sharing some of our tips and tricks. Since opening our business, we've helped many people choose pieces for their weddings, and we're happy to talk things over with you. As always, we suggest staying informed via our social media for our next upcoming events, or you are welcome to subscribe to our email channel! We send out updates often through email! Many thanks again to all who came by, and we will have other amazing opportunities for those who missed it!

If you have any questions, certainly connect with us!

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