What a year it’s been for us all! We thought it would be fun to reflect on our ten most popular pieces of this past year!
Type 6

Our Type 6 Pampas is by far our most popular Natural Pampas. It has been our number one seller since day one. When people ask, what is our most fluffy pampas, we always recommend our Type 6.
This is our Type 6 small.  It has a small growing season and is available from the end of September until the end of December!

The nude coloring of our Type 6 goes with so many people's decor. It's also our most popular for wedding and event decor.

Cream Faux Pampas
Our cream faux is a super versatile style of Pampas. We created these stunning synthetic (faux) pampas for our clients who wanted to have pampas in their homes but might have allergies to plants. These pieces are also perfect for people with small children or animals.

These gorgeous plumes look like natural pampas but are completely synthetic. If you want those boho pampas vibes without the mess, our Cream Faux would be ideal for you! 
In this photo, one of our amazing customers featured over 110 plumes of our cream faux in her wedding! These plumes look stunning styled alone or you can mix them with other natural pampas.

Mojave vase and Vase accent

Our Mojave vase was inspired by the Mojave desert. We paired this arrangement with the perfect smaller table top size artificial pampas. This arrangement is ideal for a console table, bedside table or office space. Our artificial faux pampas line do not shed as it is completely synthetic. It is also hypoallergenic.

We have had customers use our faux as centrepieces for their weddings or special event! It is a wonderful arrangement to use as you can keep them as keepsakes after the event or easily sell them to another person hosting an event. As its synthetic, it's everlasting. They can be used over and over again.
Mojave and vase toppers

Our vase toppers are curated by our staff. Each one is unique and paired with variety of pampas and dried florals. Over this past year, we've made many unique options. 

These arrangements are perfect for our customers looking to have a dainty, smaller table top arrangement. We make these pieces with the new pampas and dried florals that come into season. We have a lot of fun being creative with these pieces.

Here we paired this one a bedside table.  

Our Type 8 Pampas
We do carry quite a few colors of Type 8 Pampas grass but our bleached white version has always been our favourite. We love the draping plumes of this style of Pampas. The plumes look like angelic feathers. This style of Pampas is part of the UVA family.

The bleach white plumes really brighten up a space. We love how the light hits the arrangement.

This is our Natural Grey- Brown version of Type 8. We love the earthy feel it brings to any space! 

Palo Santo
We all needed some positive energy this year, so our palo santo bundles have been a big hit. With these mini bundles, you get some palo santo wood, selenite crystal and some of the cutest Luxe B dried florals. Our palo santo wood has been imported from Peru. In some South American countries, they burn palo santo as a way to cleanse a space and negative energy.
Our Palo Santo bundles look lovely styled on your favourite coffee table book.
Bleach White Promo Pack

This has been our number one piece on Pinterest. Why may you ask? It's because this pack of dried grass is so versatile and can be styled into so many ways!

 It comes with 75 pieces of our favourite table top length grass. 25 Bunny Tails, 25 Rabbit Tails and 25 Type 5 Bleach White.
This item can be incorporated into so many things. We love seeing this grass styled in bridal bouquets, table top arrangements for your home and so much more.
We also have this option in pink! This is our Pink Dried Floral Pampas Pack.
Palm Leave and Palm Spears
We worked long and hard to source Palm Leaves from all over the globe. We have a variety of sizes perfect for arrangements and installs.
Add the perfect exotic flare to your space with any of our Palm Leaves. We love styling them on a shelve.
UVA stalk
Naturally pampas can grow up to 15 feet tall in the wild. We had so many requests over the last two years for tall pampas, that we searched and sourced some of the best UVA stalk. We imported these gorgeous plumes from South America. Our most popular color to date has been our Type 8 UVA stalk Bleached White.

Our UVA stalk make are a true focal point in any room. We cut these beauty's at six feet. They are perfection styled in a vase between 2-3 feet tall.

Preserved Arrangement and Free Jug

When we first received our gorgeous Type 10 Preserved Pampas, we knew that the were the perfect pampas plumes to make stunning arrangements with. We made this gorgeous arrangement incorporating our Type 10 plumes in bleach white and some dried florals. It's the perfect table top size arrangement and can be styled in many places! We absolutely love this piece in a baby nursery! 

Here we styled the arrangement in a bathroom, this arrangement is light and airy. It looks stunning styled in many rooms!
Our Boho Glass Beads
Our boho beads have always been the perfect accent to our arrangements and vases! 
Our boho glass beads are made with recycled glass, the translucent beads allow for the sun to shine through while highlighting the imperfectly asymmetrical yet beautiful BOHO beads. We have them in three stunning colors: White, Pink, and Black.
Malibu Vase
We designed and released this vase in May 2020. We never imagined that we would ever sell out of this vase. We custom made this vase to fit a variety of our favourite Pampas and Dried Florals. 
 The Malibu vase is made of recycled glass, we love green turquoise tint of the glass. Its reminder of the color of the ocean. As we have sold out, we are happy to say that we have designed a new model that will be launched in 2022. 

We are thrilled for this year to come, we will be importing some gorgeous new lines that we are always so happy to share with you. Our goal is to carry pieces that make you feel calm and at peace in your spaces.
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