The world of dried florals has been such a huge trend, and at Luxe B, we have been having so much fun creating boho arrangements for our customers over the past few years! Dried florals are a beautiful way to incorporate a natural element into your design, whether for your special event, or for your home decor.
What is the difference between dried florals and preserved florals? Drying florals have been a process used by many for decades; this can be achieved by having the moisture removed through a natural dehydration process. The most popular method would be to hang the florals upside down to dry. 
A more modern way to prolong florals has been to preserve them. This is a more scientific method used and does showcase them to look more like their original form. Dried florals tend to look drier hence the word “dried.” 
Preserving florals, it gives a more natural look to the items, so they almost feel alive.
In 2021, we started heavily investing in importing preserved florals. Reason being is we love the look of preserved. They look as if they had just been picked from nature and they keep their form and colouring longer than dried florals.  Above is one of our favourite arrangements at Luxe B, this is our Blush Pink Preserved Arrangement. It features a mixture of preserved florals and some of our Type 10 Preserved Pampas Grass. We love the silky looking texture that preserved items give in the arrangement.
We have this style of arrangement in a few different colours,  below is our White Preserved Arrangement.
For our preserved items, our farmers use specific processes to preserve the items. They remove the sap from the stems and add a chemical to prolong the lifespan. When receiving them, it does require some care. You will notice they do feel moist/ damp as if they were still alive.  You do need to dry them in the sun for at least a week. Some pieces, we do suggest laying flat next to a window in direct sunlight. 
Items with larger leaves, such as our Monstera or Preserved Palms, may require additional drying time in the sun. This is perfectly normal.
With any of these items, we suggest handling them with care. Take your time when styling them in your vases or using them in arrangements. 


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