Palm leaves for home decor? Who doesn’t love a reminder of a tropical vacation they once had. We certainly do at Luxe B Pampas Grass!

We carry a few different varieties of palms at Luxe B. We have sourced them from all over the world. We worked hard to find the perfect palms for decor. When I think of Palm leaves, I think of driving along the tree-lined streets of California or the palm trees on the beaches of Hawaii.

Check out our video "Guide to Palm Leaves", this is an overview of the palm leaves that we carry:

Our Teethy Palms have always been a huge hit for making large installs with Pampas Grass for events or business decor! Below is a photo of our Teethy Palms styled in a recycled glass vase. Super simple, yet creates a beautiful design piece for your home.

I remember the first time I saw a person climb a palm tree and bring me a coconut to drink; it felt like I was in Heaven! Palm trees have always been an incredible and versatile natural tool for many, whether used to create shelter or provide nourishment. Did you know that there are over 2,500 species of Palm Trees in the world?

Here we have put some of our natural palms in our Topanga vase. We love styling palms alone in a unique vase. It makes a perfect decor piece for a book shelf, console table, or bed side table.

With any of our palms, you will see tears, bends, sunspots, and different variations in the coloring in them. This is completely normal, and we wanted to showcase them in their most natural and gorgeous form, which is how they are found in nature.

Here Madeleine is holding a palm that showcases what the sunspots look like. 

Here, we styled our palms as part of a segment we did on shelf decor. It adds a gorgeous natural piece to the decor. You can replace a green leafy plant with palm decor and it will give you the same design effect as a living plant would in your home.

We do have some pieces in our shop where we had our farmers dye or bleach them. Above, Madeleine is holding a set of our palm leaves that our farmers have painted white, they are called our Sun Palm Leaves in White Wash. We also have this option in our Palm Spear style. Below, Madeleine is holding our Sun Palm Leaves in Pink Wash.

We also love seeing them styled alone or added into some our favourite dried floral arrangements.


The arrangement above has a mixture of pink dried florals, pink pampas, and our pink palms.

This arrangement above is one of our favourite boho arrangements. It incorporates a mixture of exotic Dried Florals, Preserved Pampas, and our Teethy palms.

We do have a lot of fun styling and creating new ideas with our pieces and always encourage our audience to do the same. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers put their own creative spin on our pieces. The world is your oyster when creating! Have fun with your designs, and certainly, reach out to our care team at with any questions!

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