Smaller, natural, tabletop size Pampas! You asked for it, and we found the goods!  Luxe B is happy to share our Type 10 preserved pampas with you!

We sourced this style of Pampas from a new provider in South America and couldn't be happier with the quality. Our Type 10 comes in a variety of vibrant colors. We also carry a bleached white and a natural cream style, for people who want who want more of a neutral coloring style pampas. Our Type 10 Pampas is part of a new style of Pampas as they are preserved and not dried like all the other ones that we carry. By being preserved, the farmers use a safe solution to keep the pampas looking as if it was just picked in nature. The plumes are very silky and soft because of this. With any of our preserved items on our website (We also carry a lot of preserved dried florals), they do have a different scent to them. This is because of the preserving solution. We spray all of our items with our signature Luxe B Scent as Dried Florals and Pampas do have a natural odor, and we love to add the scent that we created to any of our pieces. It is a light and sweet fragrance that we call "Vanilla Fleur."


We wanted to carry some gorgeous colors to compliment the winter holiday season! This is our bronze color. It is perfect for Thanksgiving and any Winter Holiday Decor.


Madeleine is holding a variety of Type 10. We love all the different colors styled into one arrangement. It adds such a vibrant feature to any design.

We have 3 sizes of this style of pampas. The sizing for our Type 10 are:

-Small size ranges from 2 to 2.5 feet

-Medium size ranges 2.5 to feet

-Large size ranges from 3 to 3.5 feet

These sizes are ideal for anyone looking to style an arrangement for a tabletop vase. We think they are perfect for an entryway table, console table, or even the centerpiece of your dining table.

Above we styled it with some of our palms and our desert palm flower on a living room console table.

We loved this bright pink color styled in a babies nursery.


We have created some gorgeous arrangements using our Type 10 Pampas. Our most popular would be our Preserved Pampas Arrangement. It would be an excellent arrangement for a wedding or special event!

We have styled this piece with our bleach white Type 10 with some of Luxe B's favorites. In this arrangement, we added our Type 5 and White Bunny Tails to add some variation and texture. Above we styled this arrangement with our white boho beads and below we have styled it with our black boho beads.

As always, we encourage you to have fun with our pieces and put your creative spin on how you style any of our collections. Our new type 10 is a gorgeous versatile style of pampas and will look great incorporated into many designs. We are always looking for inspiration, so please share with us!

Luxe B Team members Kaitlin holds our Bleached White Type 10, and Gabby has some of our Natural Cream Type 10.

Certainly, reach out to our care team with any questions; we are happy to connect with you. Our care team can be reached at: info@luxebpampasgrass.com

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