Our new collection of Atelier furniture will be launching soon!

Madeleine, the owner and visionary for Luxe B Pampas Grass has been working on this collection for the last year. You may ask, what does "Atelier" mean? Atelier is a French word that describes a workshop or studio where an artist creates. Madeleine's father's side of her family originates from France, and she has always been inspired by french design. This made Atelier a fitting name choice for this next collection!

reclaimed elm wood furniture

Our atelier collection is a project that is very dear to our hearts. Madeleine wanted a new collection of home decor pieces that were versatile, high quality, yet eye-catching for your home. All of our benches in the collection are made of high-quality and well-loved reclaimed elm wood. They are sure to be a long-lasting piece in your home for years to come. The design of all of these pieces is meant for the wood to look weathered. Forecasting for 2023 trends, we are seeing a lot of weathered wood in home design. So let's share a little bit about these 4 new pieces in our collection:

-Senufo stool black

 black Senufo stools
-Senufo stool natural

natural senufo stools
-Japan baby stool

japon stools

-Skinny elm benches
skinny elm benches

Our Senufo stools are inspired by Authentic African stools which originate from the Ivory coast. They have a stylish sculptural form with four tapered legs for support. Each stool has earthy natural markings in the wood which bring a beautiful natural element to the design.

natural senufo stool

Our Japan baby stools are also made with vintage elm wood. These stools were popular and designed to be used during the 1940s – 1960s. The stools are meant to look rustic with an added beautiful patina. They are great as decorative pieces on their own. We also love seeing them displaying potted plants, or as part of a tabletop piece!
japon stool
Last but not least, let's talk about our skinny elm benches. These benches have lots of character and add such a wow factor to any designed room. This versatile piece can be used in many fashions. We love seeing them used in entryways and hallways, at the foot of a bed or as a freestanding furniture pieces.

Our Atelier collection is primitive yet alluring. The weathered elmwood can withstand the hands of time. These four pieces are the start of many more stunning pieces to come from this collection. Please stay tuned for more!