Type 6 Pampas Grass has always been a true fan favorite here at Luxe B!


We have these gorgeous plumes in two sizes:

Our Type 6 Small:

We love how this turned out! Adding our Type 6 Small was a perfect way to fill an empty space and add dimension.
  • Our Type 6 Small Pampas Grass total height is around 3.6-4 feet, and the ultra-soft plumes are roughly 2-3 feet. The stems can be trimmed to ensure they will work in any space. 
People have always been drawn to really fluffy pampas! When people ask us what is our most luxurious and fluffiest pampas, we always say our "Type 6".
  • Our Type 6 Pampas Grass stems total height is around 3.6-4 feet, and the plume ranges between 3 to 3.5 feet. The plumes on our Type 6 are fluffier than the smaller version.

We styled our Type 6 small in the centre of this dining room table! It looks stunning as a centrepiece for any special event!

If you are purchasing these gorgeous plumes, I suggest watching the video below: These are our styling tips for Type 6.

Pampas grass has growing seasons, much like flowers! Type 6 has a small window of growth, it comes into season at the end of August/ beginning of September and we are only able to sell the plumes until just after the December/ January Holiday Season. Due to this small window of it being sold, we always do sell out! It is super popular for many reasons, the natural coloring of the plumes has a gorgeous depth to them. As they are natural (our farmers haven't touched them with any dye), the colors can vary. We must say that all of the natural colorings of our Type 6 are beautiful! Whether they have coloring of gold, gray, or mauve in the plumes. Type 6 plumes are certainly beautiful but a reminder to anyone purchasing them, the stems are super fragile. Check out this video below:

The coloring is very versatile and does go with many people's decor styles. Whether you have bright white walls in your home or a moody palette, our Type 6 will compliment any room!

Here we styled our Type 6 plumes next to a console table in the corner of the room. 
When people ask what is our most popular pampas for weddings, we always say Type 6!  Below is a boho wedding shoot we did with Madeleine and her husband.
These plumes, look stunning lining the aisle or using them as backdrop for where the wedding is being held!

As you can see, the color compliments her wedding dress nicely!

We really wanted to capture a fluffy pampas look, so we put between 9-12 plumes per vase!

When deciding to go with Pampas for your wedding, just remember that pampas will last up to two years! So if you are planning on having these plumes in your wedding or special event next summer, it's best to purchase them now! They can be stored easily. We recommend keeping them in a cool room in the box that you receive them in. Take the beauties out a week or two before the special event to allow them to puff up. 

Certainly, reach out to our care team with any questions; we are happy to connect with you. We do have a team who helps our wedding and special events clients. Our care team can be reached at: info@luxebpampasgrass.com.

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