Luxe B Pampas Grass home decor collections!

Welcome! You may have landed on our page because you were searching for pampas grass and dried flower companies in North America. Luxe b pampas grass has been the leading North American brand for pampas grass and dried flowers, but did you also know that we carry a variety of unique, imported home decor pieces? 

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These pieces are brought in from all corners of the globe! Madeleine, the owner of Luxe b pampas grass has always had a huge love for anything interior design, she puts a lot of time and thought to create her collections of gorgeous home decor items. Madeleine has devoted her time to searching and working with new makers. She loves importing and creating her own different eye-catching pieces. Whether you are looking for a candle or a unique decorative item, Luxe b pampas grass has you covered!

Morrocan imported home decor pieces

Our first curated collection was our Marrakech collection, which was a collection of unique pottery items. From terracotta vases, colourful serving dishes and one-of-a-kind tapered candle holders. Madeleine worked exclusively with an amazing maker in Morocco to import these items to her store.

moroccan taper candle holder

Our second collection was our Buhera baskets, these baskets are traditionally used for carrying grain in Zimbabwe. We are now seeing them used for many decorative purposes.

Buhera zimbabwe baskets

These stunning woven baskets pair beautifully with our dried palm leaves, pampas or dried flowers.

Buhera baskets and dried palm leaves luxe b pampas grass

They also can make a huge impact in your space, and can easily be styled on their own. Our decor items are always evolving. Our most current collection is our “Ateliers” collection, this is our first transition into the furniture sector and we couldn’t be more excited about this new venture.

ateliers furniture collection luxe b pampas grass

Our Ateliers collection has a mixture of vintage elm wood furniture pieces such as benches, tables, and cutting boards. Madeleine has also imported some gorgeous vintage pottery to pair with these pieces. Take some time to sift through our decor section on our website, you will be pleasantly surprised by these interior design pieces! If you are a maker and think your pieces will do well in our store. Please connect with us via email. If you are a new customer and have any questions, we are also happy to connect! You can reach us at, we are always happy to answer any questions. 

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To any of our Albertan customers, please come visit us in our showroom @luxebco. A lot of our larger furniture pieces will be exclusively sold in our showroom, due to the nature of their sizes. Local delivery options are available!