Hello there! You may be new to the Luxe B website and we thought we would take this time to explain a bit about our "bleach white" pampas, dried florals, and preserved florals.

We know people love white interior design elements! We certainly do at Luxe B Pampas Grass. In most recent years, people have become obsessed with those crisp white design elements in their homes!

Whether it be white walls, white linen, white furniture, white everything!

We do love white design and love to incorporate our pieces into white design but we have to be honest, none of our natural "bleach white" pieces such as our bleached white pampas, bleached white dried florals, or bleach white preserved florals are ever going to be a stark white colouring.

Let me explain what "Bleach White" means in Luxe B terms. Any of our collections on our website that are indicated as "Bleach White" are real plants that have been bleached by our farmers from their natural state. Some of these pieces naturally may be grown as brown, green, grey or a variety of different bold colours.


Check out this clip on our guide to some of our "Bleach White" Pampas that we carry:



When our farmers bleach these pieces, they use a process to bleach them and these natural plants can only absorb a certain amount of bleach before they will be ruined. You will notice that the color will vary and some will be more white than others. In any of our "bleach white" items, the colour will range from off-white, cream, yellow, and sometimes gold.

We have to be honest, we love this about our "bleach white" pieces. Reason being is they look more natural in your spaces! These items end up having a lovely dimension as the bleach distributes differently and naturally on each product. Some pieces will evidently be more brighter and whiter than others. It creates contrast and dimension in all our arrangements and we believe contrast is a good thing in the design world!

This is a photo of our "Wedding White Preserved Arrangement". It has a variety of preserved dried florals and pampas. As you can see, the primary coloring is off-white, and gold.

This is our Luxe B Promo Pack. Each season, this promo pack has a variety of our different bleach white pampas plumes. We love the variation of all the different bleach white pampas colouring as it creates a gorgeous arrangement with lots of depth.

When we first launched our business, we created a "white faux pampas". It was part of our synthetic line, that we call faux. It was the only thing that we ever carried that was a true stark white. Due to popular demand from our customers, this faux pampas will be returning in 2022.

We know a lot of people are new to dried florals, preserved florals, and pampas grass. We created our social media platform as a tool to help answer your questions and to educate our audience on the things we carry. Certainly, reach out to our care team with any concerns or questions; we are happy to connect with you. Our care team can be reached by email at: info@luxebpampasgrass.com.

Our Canadian website is: Luxebpampasgrass.ca


Our American website is: Luxebpampasgrass.com

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