Happy birthday, Madeleine!

"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently."

Hello everyone,
My name is Jeanine, and I am Madeleine's sister. I write our weekly blog for Luxe b pampas grass. Some of you may know, but I am one of her day one team members at Luxe B Pampas grass. When I read this quote above, it made me think of Madeleine instantly. She is a testament to this. Today is a special day; not only is it New Years' eve, but it is Madeleine's birthday. I have been a massive fan of my sister since she came out of the womb! She doesn't know I'm writing this about her, but I thought it was time to honour her. Madeleine is an inspiration to many. Not only is she a fantastic businesswoman, but she is a thoughtful and kind human. Madeleine leads her business with kindness. That has always been her motto since day one. She always takes time to pump up her team or come out of her busy office to have a kind conversation with one of our amazing Luxe B customers. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude. She believes in starting your day with a coffee and a smile.

When I think about her success over the past four years with Luxe B, I know that this success isn't because of an idea that came out of nowhere. She has worked continuously towards this goal since she left high school, from her studies in commerce at St. Mary's University in Halifax to her years living and working in sales in the United States. She devotes her life to self-teaching. She spends endless hours learning and evolving her business skills. She has a huge passion for reading, researching online and listening to podcasts of other business people that inspire her. She has a fantastic eye for interior design and spends endless hours researching and looking for unique pieces for her store. When you meet Madeleine, she will engage you with a million questions. She loves learning and living through other people. She believes in taking the time to understand everyone and loves to inspire others to succeed.

New Years birthday!

One of my favourite things my sister has said to me is:
"There is no dress rehearsal for life. You are living right now, and you have to do it! ".
Please stay tuned for what's to come with Luxe B Pampas grass; my boss lady of a sister is destined for more great things!