My Luxe B Team loves to share their knowledge on Pampas Grass.
Here’s the scoop on this current number one wedding trending product:
  • How long do pampas last? Ideally, it lasts up to 2 years.
  • What are the best ways to prolong its life span? Dusting is key! I suggest taking it outside and shaking it gently to get rid of accumulated dust. Keep the pieces away from direct sunlight and avoid areas in your home with a lot of moisture or heat. The environment that we tend not to style them is close to a window or in direct sunlight as it will affect the product and make it dry.
  • Should you water pampas? No folks, no need! It’s dried grass and doesn’t require water! Which makes this plant ideal for those people who tend to forget to water their plant babies! 
                           Pampas Care Tip Video
We pack everything with love & care. Our goal is to make sure your package is received the same way we shipped it out. We are always updating our packaging to ensure everything is received perfectly and we carry insurance on our packages in case anything were to happen during transit.
  •  Does hairspray help with shedding? Here at Luxe B, we don't like using hairspray as it takes away the softness from the plumes. However, if you notice the plumes shedding a lot, you can lightly coat the plumes.
  • Where does pampas grass originate from?  Pampas grass is native to South America. You can find it primarily in Argentina and some other South American countries. Pampas is named after a region in Argentina. This region of Argentina is considered to be one of the most fertile landmasses in the world; however that being said, most of our pampas are sourced worldwide from California, South America, and parts of Asia.
  • What’s the best way to avoid shedding the plumes? Naturally pampas will shed. Our farmers do treat the crop after they harvest them. You are bound to lose some volume, but they should stay full and beautiful for up to two years if you keep them in a nice environment. Keep them away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.
This is our video on blow-drying pampas! A trick we often use with certain types. This helps puff up the plumes to make them extra fluffy.
                    Video on how to blow dry your pampas
  • How tall is Pampas Grass Pampas Grass has many variations of different plumes. Some pampas are really fluffy, while others are really feathery. Pampas can grow up to 15 feet tall. Our tallest pampas that we currently ship are 7 feet tall. If you click the item details on each item on our website, we do list the dimensions.
This is our Type 6 Natural Pampas Grass. Which is in season from the end of August until the end of December. It is the most popular 4-foot pampas in our shop.

We do have UVA stalk, 7-foot pampas that we now ship! It is popular for people looking to make a large statement in a room.
  • Is Pampas grass naturally white? Some pampas have white tones, but naturally, pampas are nude, beige, dark brown, or even grey. Our Pampas that are categorized as bleach white are pampas that are bleached from their natural form. In any of our bleached white pampas, you will see cream, gold, off-white and sometimes yellow colouring. Pampas will never be stark white as the plumes can't absorb a lot of bleach.
This is our Type 5 Bleach white pampas, a fan favourite for anyone who wants a table-top size pampas grass.
  • Are pink pampas natural? Actually, yes, it is! Pampas does grow in variations of pink; however, at Luxe b our famous pink pampas pieces are dyed by our farmers! 
Our Type 1 Pink. We love this splash of color in any room!
We have lots of pampas options for every style of decor. We categorize them on our website in varieties and colors. We suggest reading over the item details on each listing to get sizing and description.
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