Dried natural banksia

Dried natural banksia is a floral that we import from Australia. Australia has always been a country where Luxe B gains a lot of design inspiration from. Banksia is also known as “Bottlebrush” to many.

dried natural banksia


This flowering beauty is a popular garden plant and is known for its cone-like shape. We love seeing these dried flowers styled alone or in a bouquet. The unique texture of the flower adds an exotic element to any arrangement.

banksia exotic flower


We are seeing them trending and styled in bridal bouquets. Check out Pinterest, it’s a wonderful place to gain inspiration for this bridal trend. We love incorporating this floral into some of our arrangements too, as it is a pop of something different.

Banksia styled in a dried flower and pampas arrangement
Our dried flower collection has been thoughtfully chosen so that our customers can have fun playing around with our pieces to make something unique for their home or special event. If you need a gentle push in the right direction, certainly connect with us directly. We are always happy to chat. Our lovely banksia flowers are also incorporated into our amazing wholesale offerings! Click here to apply to our wholesale program.
dried banksia in recycled glass vase