Are you in need of a Holiday wreath?

faux pampas wreath

Look no further, as Luxe B Pampas Grass has designed our faux pampas Holiday wreath in cream! This limited edition wreath is beautifully styled on its own or as a base where you could add different types of dried florals or natural seasonal accents such as green eucalyptus and holly berries. Our holiday wreath has been designed with our most popular faux colour, cream. We love this colouring as it pairs well with any colour and can be designed for anyone’s home decor. Our wreath is large enough to make an impact as your front door wreath. Tie your favourite colour ribbon around the neck to secure it to the door or you can easily hang it with a nail. Our wreath has been curated with a metal frame and draping cream faux pampas plumes that encompass it.  

faux pampas wreath wholesale


The dimensions are as follows:


Inside 16" inches wide and approximately 28" inches wide outside. 


We are thrilled to have this piece as part of our Holiday collection! We hope you enjoy styling this piece in many holiday fashions!